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Hello, I’m Redge

Business Strategist

Change The Trajectory of Your Business and Your Life

I get it. Running a business is hard. Between the challenges you face every day, the fires you are constantly having to control (let’s face it, many of them don’t ever get put out, just managed), all the hats you have to wear, all the bills you need to pay and customers you need to keep happy it can be hard to keep your own inner fire lit, let alone ablaze.

Let’s change that, shall we?

Get Unstuck

Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels? That you are overworked every day but never seem to be able to get anywhere?

Become Remarkable

Is your marketing falling on deaf ears? Like nobody cares or is even listening?

Unlock Your Profits

Are you busy selling and fulfilling orders but at the end of the month there never seems to be any money left?

It is time to get someone in your corner!

If you are struggling with any of the problems above and you are ready to break free, I’d love to help! As a Business Strategist & Coach, I can bring a fresh perspective to your business.

Together we can get you on a new trajectory.

Make Your Business a Priority.

I certainly will.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

The insights and knowledge that I received from Condredge have been invaluable to my business. Specifically, he helped me find ways of building momentum to ensure my business was always on a positive growth path.

Redge is a great coach, he pay's attention and provides great guidance. I feel very comfortable working with him.

Virginia Dinzey-Taveras, Adaptive Bookkeeping & Consulting

Let’s Start a Conversation

Message me so we can talk – I GENUINELY LOVE talking to business owners. You know in your gut that you and your business have even greater potential waiting to be unlocked. Let’s unlock it together.

I offer a 100% free 1 hour coaching session that is:

  • 0% Pressure (seriously, no pressure at all)
  • 100% Valuable (as in, my goal is to send you away with as much value for your business as I can possibly give you)
  • 0% Sales Pitch – if you find it valuable, and want more where that came from, we can talk about next steps.)

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