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About Me


My Purpose is to help business owners like you change the trajectory of your business and your life.

Hi! I’m Condredge 
(but you can call me redge)

I’ve been running businesses for nearly my entire adult life. 18 years now. I’m a “multi-passionate” person so I’ve worked in such diverse fields as web design and woodworking. Because of this, I’m a quick learner – getting up to speed quickly with my clients’ businesses. I’m loving the game of business, the people, energy, creativity, challenge and especially the ideas.

Now I run a woodworking business on the side while I focus on helping Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners Pumpkin Plan their businesses as a Creative Business Strategist 🤓

Working with business owners on their businesses lights me on fire – nothing is more exciting than being able to strategize with/coach/cheerlead/inspire folks like you.

I would love to help you find your path to success in your creative business, let’s talk! 🔥

When I say that I love working with small business owners, people don’t realize that what I really mean is that I LOVE Working with small business owners. 

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